EBIOT - Bioelectronics Pest Management Trap


EBIOT is next-generation bioelectronics plant protection technology, for protecting plants from notorious and specific Genus: Species of insects those very difficult to control using pesticides. Viz. The Fruit Piercing Moth,  Fruit Fly, Red Palm Weevil, Serpentine leaf miners, Tea Mosquito, etc. 


This is environment-friendly, non-toxic, technology designed for the extermination of specific targeted species of the agricultural insect pests. This is ideal tool for IPM and sustainable farming. It’s designed to phase out highly hazardous pesticides; required for plant protection. 


This device only attracts the targeted Genus: Species of the insect-pest and completely safe for the farmer perspective beneficial insects include carnivorous insects (predators), parasitoid, nectar-pollen feeding bees viz. honey bees, bumblebees, etc. Anyone who touches this device when its live may get minor injuries but its not fatal for human, birds, and animals.


EBIOT is environment friendly, zero pollution, green/clean energy operated physical insect-pest management device.  This device is designed to operate on solar power with the option of an additional mini wind turbine, there is no need for external grid power. For emergency, there is provision for charging device externally using grid power.



Products will be launched commercially in the year 2022

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