Bioelectronics device for management of fruit piercing moth

eBoinic® FruitStar

  • Product Code : EBIOT-GN11-4A6-FP

  • Coverage Area: Up to ½ Acer*

  • Key Source of Communication with Insects: Olfactory signals.

  • Insect extermination Mode: Electrocution

  • Power Source: Hybrid (Wind+Solar)

  • Daily Working Duration: Dusk to Dawn, 365 Days year

  • Product Life: 7* Years (Maintenance Free)

Technical Specification

Olfactory Attractant

Product Code: ATT20-FPM-ALL

Olfactory Attractant On-Feild Life: 6 -12 weeks*

Olfactory Attractant Storage Life: 6 Months*

Combination of eBoinic® FruitStar and ATT20-FPM-ALL manage the Genus: Species of following lepidopteran insect-pests listed below:

  • Eudocima fullonia

  • Eudocima materna

  • Eudocima homaena

  • Eudocima cajeta

  • Eudocima salaminia