SmartRavager is next generation pest management trap built using insect communication technology. It’s an essential plant protection tool. It is built using indigenously researched and developed Insect Communication System for inducing a change in the behavior of insects and exploiting same for insect pest management for plant protection and sustainable farming, gardening, and integrated pest management.

This device enables millions of farmers, backyard gardeners and households across the world to eliminate the herbivorous and omnivorous insect/pests, those are harmful to plants and crops, and the same time it’s very safe on beneficial carnivorous insects and bees

Technical Specifications
  • Radial Coverage Distance: Up to 130ft

  • Area of Coverage (Radial): 1 to 1.25 Acer Insect

  • Extermination Mode: Attract & Burn

  • Daily Working Time: 4 Hours after sunset, 365 days/year

  • Product Life Time: 3 Years

  • Efficiently manages 1200 plus Genus : Species herbivorous and omnivorous insects

Broad-Specturm Insect-Pest Control Device